ACR Testimonials

Just a few of the kind testimonials we’ve received about our products and services from the people we’ve helped…

Thanks for the excellent job you did on our 5th wheeler. We have tried every product known to man, from the silicones to the paints, tapes and anything else people suggested.The EPDM sure does the job. It’s completely cured now, and it looks great. Thank goodness we found your web site when searching for something to stop the weather. Just a quick note, the dehumidifier is the best thing ever !!!!!!

Doug and Nancy, Queensland

Just thought we would drop a line to thank you and your team for a great job on our van roof.Not only did it stop the wet smell and leaking, but because we could tint it, it looks great. We had considered trading up to a new van, but by using your product we have decided to keep what we have, and spend the money we were going to use on an overseas trip.Now we get the best of both worlds!

Steve and Maria, NSW

The team at Aussie Caravan Repairs, EPDM actually does what it says it will do, a rarity in today’s world.I was really happy with the color, and it’s helped with the musty smell from the van. And thank you for selling us a dehumidifier too – I didn’t even know what they did till you showed us. Every caravan in Australia should have one of these things.

Rod, South Australia

Excellent, excellent, excellent. That’s all I have got to say about your service.The professional way you treated us, and the fact you spoke to us in a way we could understand, was really nice.Our van looks wonderful, and the leaking has stopped. We were not sure where the leak was, but by doing the whole roof, rather than a patch, you have potentially stopped any further leaks.Was really happy with the warranty.

Rod and Kerry, Queensland

Hey to everyone who has a van! We stumbled across Aussie Caravan Repairs while on holiday in Queensland. It had been raining, and we had a pesky leak somewhere on the roof, possibly from a vent or one of the solar panels we have.The musty smell just would not go away, even after airing for a full day so we had the roof done, and bought a dehumidifier.”WHAT A DIFFERENCE”It’s all very well to have air conditioning, but getting rid of the wet smell was wonderful.

Flo and Jack, Queensland

Both Jean and I are really happy with our roof coating. Not only did it make the van look good, but made the van cooler.Because we like to camp away from camping grounds, and we rely on battery and generator power, having a cooler van means we do not need to use battery power for air conditioning.Thanks for also pointing out that water has no smell, and the smell is from bacteria. You scared the living daylights out of Jean, who did not want to “go to sleep in a van full of bacteria”.I was going to buy one of your dehumidifiers at some point in the future, but after speaking with your sales people, Jean bought 2 of them – one for the van and one for home.

Wally and Jean, Victoria

Our van is only 7 months old, and it leaks. We have tried to get some satisfaction from the agent, but I might as well hit my head up against the wall. By chance, we saw your web site, but I had no intention of spending any more money on this van – I love the van, but because it constantly leaks, I wanted to either sell it, or try and get my money back from the agent. Both of these options left me flat, but after talking with your team, we decided to put Liquid Roof EPDM on our roof, as our van has fibreglass in its construction. Well, we are now so happy with the result, we would not consider selling our van.

Sam and Dee, Queensland